Consumer Loans*

ProductYear of AutoMaximum TermRate as low as**APR as low as
Automobile2018 - NewUp to 60 Months3.100%3.503%
Automobile2018 - NewUp to 72 Months3.700%4.036%
Automobile2017 - 2016Up to 60 Months3.50%3.904%
Automobile2017 - 2016Up to 66 Months3.90%4.271%
Automobile2015Up to 60 Months4.00%4.407%
Automobile2014Up to 60 Months4.20%4.606%
Automobile2013 and olderUp to 42 Months5.250%5.823%
LNB Savings Instrument Secured$2,500.00 or LessMatures with CDCD Rate + 4% 6% Min
LNB Savings Instrument Secured$2,500.00 - $7,499.00Matures with CDCD Rate + 2% 5% Min
LNB Savings Instrument Secured$7,500.00 - $19,999.00Matures with CDCD Rate + 2% 4% Min
LNB Savings Instrument Secured$20,000.00 or MoreMatures with CDCD Rate + 2% 3% Min

* Rates shown for top qualifying credit, 80% LTV and LNB auto pay. Loans are subject to credit approval, credit score and LTV. Closing costs may apply. A sample principal and interest payment on a 72 month $20,000 fixed rate loan amount with a 3.70% interest rate (4.036% APR), loan administration fee and 20% down is $310.18. Actual interest rate may vary based on credit history, LTV, loan type and auto pay.

**APR is based off of guidelines shown above, a $20,000 loan amount, the rate shown, highest term shown and closing costs.

Other terms are available based on qualification.

Rates are effective as of March 18, 2021 and are subject to change without notice.