Mortgage Loans

Homeownership made affordable. Refinancing made easy. Let our expert mortgage lenders customize a plan to fit your needs.


One of the most important ways LNB Community Bank seeks to invest in the community is through our mortgage programs. It is our goal to help increase home ownership in the neighborhoods we serve. There are several ways we seek to do this:

  • All loan decisions are made locally by lenders who work in the community they serve.
  • We offer a wide variety of terms, products, and rate plans to help you purchase your home, refinance your home or construct your new home.
  • Our lenders are knowledgeable and will help walk you through every step of the process. If you have questions, they will take the time necessary to answer them. It is important that you are comfortable with the process.

Look through our various Financial Calculators to find out what your payment would be, or how much of a house you can afford.

Whether you are looking at purchasing a new home or refinancing your existing home, we have the right product for you. We offer mortgage loans for up to 30 years. One of our mortgage officers will meet with you one-on-one to determine what type of loan best meets your needs or you can apply online from the comfort of your home. LNB Community Bank services all loans, so anytime you have a question regarding your loan you can just stop by and talk to one of our officers.

For those customers that do not qualify for a traditional mortgage, we partner with companies that might be able to provide you with flexible mortgage financing options. These options include up to 100% financing on purchases, in some cases without requiring mortgage insurance. These products may even be available to customers with lower credit scores.

Purchasing a New Home
When you’re ready to buy a new home, let LNB Community Bank take you there! Our lending professionals have experience in guiding homebuyers like you through the often confusing mortgage loan process to develop a loan that fits your needs. To help you with your new-home purchase, we have outlined four basic steps:

  • Step 1: Pre-Qualification – Determine the mortgage amount you can afford, using our home mortgage calculators.
  • Step 2: Determine the Appropriate Type of Loan – LNB Community Bank offers a variety of mortgage loans.
  • Step 3: Compare Interest Rates – We offer competitive rates that help make home ownership affordable.
  • Step 4: Apply for a Loan – Our downloadable mortgage application or Apply Online.

Whether you prefer the security of a fixed rate mortgage, or the flexibility of an adjustable rate mortgage, LNB Community Bank can meet your home financing needs.

Pre-Qualification Letter
LNB Community Bank can provide a letter to the borrower stating that you have been pre-qualified for a loan with us based off of information you provide to us through your loan application. Often times this can help you negotiate a lower price on your new home.

It’s easy to start the pre-qualification process. Just take a few minutes to download and complete our residential mortgage loan application or Contact us for more information or to meet with a mortgage professional.

Pre-qualifications are subject to loan underwriting and qualification when a home is found.

Planning to Refinance?
If you have equity in your home, now may be the time to refinance at today’s low rates! Refinancing can help you:

  • Lower your monthly payments
  • Pay off your mortgage more quickly
  • Lock in a lower rate
  • Get a better adjustable rate for your adjustable rate mortgage
  • Consolidate debt
  • Purchase an item you have been thinking about
  • Complete that project around your house

How do you get started?
LNB Community Bank makes it easy. Get started in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Determine the rate you’re paying on your current mortgage. Perform some quick comparisons with our Should I refinance?
  • Step 2: Contact one of our loan officers. We can provide you with a customized rate quote and determine other costs associated with refinancing.
  • Step 3: Apply for a Loan – Our downloadable mortgage application or Apply Online.

Contact us or email* for more information

*Please be aware email is not a secure method of communication. Do not use email to send us confidential or sensitive information such as passwords, account numbers or social security numbers. If you need to provide this type of information, contact us by phone, fax or regular mail.

All loans are subject to a credit check, loan underwriting and other policies and procedures.