The Lynnville National Bank has operated continuously since it  was chartered on September 7, 1907. The main office of the bank has been at the same basic location throughout its history. The original bank was in the general store owned by J.F. Rickrich. Shortly after it was chartered, a new building was constructed for the bank. Over the years that building was remodeled and added to several times. The current building was occupied in 1976. Major additions to it were completed in 1992 and 2004.

The Chandler Office of Lynnville National Bank was acquired in September 1995. The office was acquired from National City Bank of Evansville. The building that the bank was located in was owned by the Lutz Family and rented to National City Bank. At the same time we acquired the bank from NCB, we also purchased the building from the Lutz Family. Originally the bank was called Chandler State Bank when it was started by Jack Lutz in 1953. In 1986, the bank was sold to National City Bank, who operated it as a branch until selling to Lynnville National Bank in 1995. A major remodeling of the Chandler office was completed in 2001.

The Newburgh office opened in August 2004. LNB acquired a parcel of land on West Highway 662 and operated out of a temporary modular facility until a permanent bank building was completed in November 2005.

Our Boonville office was opened in March 2011 and serves as a hub location in central Warrick County.

The first president of Lynnville National Bank was Chris Caswell. After a series of presidents, Charles W. Pemberton became president in 1951 and served as president until 1976. Randall K. Pemberton was elected president in 1976 and remained in that position until June 1997. At that time he was appointed as Chairman of the Board/CEO. Bradley K. Pemberton was appointed President as of June 1, 1997.

In 1999, LNB Community Bancorp was formed as a one-bank holding company.  LNB Community Bancorp is an independent bank with three branches located in Chandler, Newburgh, and Boonville.  On January 1, 2003, LNB began operating as an S-corporation for income tax purposes.

On January 1st 2015 Lynnville National Bank became LNB Community Bank.

Mission of the Bank

The mission of LNB Community Bank is to provide a wide range of financial services to its market, to maximize a long-term return to stockholders through capital appreciation and dividends, and to provide a progressive work environment with appropriate awards. LNB Community Bank will accomplish its mission by taking an active financial and civic role in its communities. The organization shall deal fairly under all circumstances and shall endeavor to be the most professional and responsive financial institution in the market. LNB will continue to grow profitably by attaining excellence in the fulfillment of customer financial service needs. Growth may also be accomplished via acquisition, branching or merger when such actions are in the best interests of the LNB Community Bank stockholders.

Commitment to our Customers

The best things in life are sometimes the simple everyday things we take for granted. Isn’t it nice to know there are still banks that understand simple hometown values. That’s what LNB Community Bank is all about. You’ll always be greeted by a warm smile and the friendliest service you’d ever hope to find. Why choose us? There are so many good reasons…

  • Exceptional customer service
  • A banker that you can call by name
  • Products that meet your financial needs
  • People that care about your financial future

So stop by and find out how great hometown banking can really be. You’ll be glad you did!