Consumer Loans

LNB Community Bank's friendly experts can find a loan that's right for you!



Consumer LoansLNB Community Bank’s Friendly Experts Can Find A Loan That’s Right For You!

We all have different needs. That’s why LNB Community Bank provides a full range of personal loans with flexible terms and competitive rates. Our loans offer convenience and fast, friendly service from knowledgeable professionals. LNB Community Bank has a loan that is right for you.

Consider an installment loan to finance an automobile, go on a dream vacation or indulge yourself with a luxury purchase by taking out a secured installment loan.

What options and advantages do our installment loans offer?

  • A LNB Community Bank installment loan can offer you a structured loan to be paid back in a specified time.
  • Your loan term can be for a few months or a few years.
  • You can take advantage of competitive fixed rate financing that rewards your strong payment history.
  • Since all LNB Community Bank Installment Loans are simple interest loans, you pay interest only on the outstanding balance. You can also control the amount of interest you pay if you choose to repay early.
  • Secure your loan with a LNB Community Bank Checking/Savings/Certificate of Deposit account for added interest savings. 

All loans are subject to a credit check, loan underwriting and other policies and procedures.

Auto Loans

Looking for that perfect vehicle?  Let LNB Community Bank help!

LNB Community Bank offers financing for vehicles. We have financing for new current year models as well as used vehicles. Loan terms depend on credit analysis, length of loan as well as the year of the vehicles.

Whether you are purchasing a new vehicle or would like to refinance your current vehicle, LNB has the right loan for you!

LNB Community Bank also offers financing on some recreational vehicles.  Examples include, boats, motorcycles and RV’s.

Visit our Auto Rates page for our competitive rates!

All loans are subject to a credit check, loan underwriting and other policies and procedures.